100 vasetti

Date of execution: 12 October 2014
Dimensions: 72 x 52 inches (182.9 x 132.1 cm)
Technique of execution: generative processing of photographic source
In the affirmation of the digital age this “100 Vasetti” directs a historical bridge with the work “100 Cans “by Andy Warhol; is the consumerism / capitalism in 50 years finally ready to evolve?
Can we go beyond the serialization of industrial food production? Italy struggles in this race for innovation, but the potential of the future is already here; every food product like a jar of sauce can be traced from the countryside to our table. We have special tastes? Are we intolerant? Would you like to experiment? Industrial production of food can be customized according to our “profiles” each of us can have his jar customized also in the content and not only in the label.
Our food, like all products in the “internet of things”, will always have one more representation in digital space and we could then use this data for the creation of multidimensional narratives, represented in the work “100 vasetti”.