Hic Et Nunc / Teia series

As of November 2022 my TEIA profile contains three meticulously organized streams of artistic activity in a sequence that intrinsically represents the method in my artistic work.

Original HEN Collection

These are the works initially published on HEn and currently present on TEIA.  I report on a four column grid a selection of my digital art production; there are several generative works but also illustrations and digital collages and mixed media works.

Artificial reflections of reality

Using DALL-E, I bring back to reality the abstraction that I do in my works. After reflecting on the composition originally published in HEN in 2021, I preserve only the bottom image and let the AI reconstruct the rest with the instructions contained in the work’s title.

Three cycles

In this series I take up all the works of “Artificial reflections of reality” series. For each piece, I make DALL-E complete three cycles of variations. In this backward jpureny, mirroring the series of reflections, I return to the initial sequence of the works published on HE with a visual increasingly distant form the initial one.


In the “Halfway” series, I take all the works of the “Three Cycles” series backwards, use them as image prompts in Midjourney and balance them with the text prompt of the work’s title. My journey in visual generative AI continues, but have I reached the halfway point?

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