Solhours ☀️

In the realm of generative art, “Solhours” emerges as a distinctive project for the year 2023, offering a captivating blend of time and light. At its core, “Solhours” utilizes a grid of cubes, each of which transforms into a unique window displaying the name of a city alongside its current local time.

One of the hallmark features of “Solhours” is its meticulous attention to the subtleties of real-time lighting conditions. As the day unfolds, the artwork dynamically adapts its illumination to authentically replicate the specific lighting of the featured city. During nighttime hours, the illumination softens and diffuses, evoking a serene nocturnal atmosphere.

What sets “Solhours” apart is the wealth of data behind the scenes. It draws from an extensive palette of 160 colors, originally curated for the “Time Atlas” project, adding an extra layer of visual richness. Additionally, the artwork references a database of 200 cities, ensuring that viewers encounter a diverse array of locations and their respective times.

In essence, “Solhours” isn’t just an artwork; it’s a profound exploration of the intricate relationship between time and light, inviting viewers to step away momentarily from their everyday lives and embark on a global journey through time. It’s an immersive canvas, where the world’s diverse time zones converge, allowing audiences to appreciate the nuances of time and light on a global scale.

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