Geometry always been an important trend in graphic design starting from optical art. In recent years this trend has exploded in digital art and found magnificent interpreters who use the classical coupled Illustrator and Photoshop. Others have developed the programmatic approach with generative software.

The greatest exponent of this current is Andy Gilmore. His works are so complicated as to be hypnotic.
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Great interpreter is Simon C. Page. His sense of color and sensitivity in the forms are a great inspiration for me and for many graphic designers. Following this artist I discovered the online art shop Society6.

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The artist Jazzberry Blue while remaining consistent to its color palette engages successfully in various fields including figurative geometrical. His works are fascinating and sometimes teaching.
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When the geometrical precision obtained with Illustrator meets dirty and analog possibilities of Photoshop was born the art of Spires.
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A recent trend combines the use of geometric shapes with organic textures, an example is this square that I realized it working in Photoshop a geometric piece created in Illustrator.

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