Day 0093 /// L-gobes by Stig Fostervold

Abstract 3D graphic

The 3D graphics obtained with the use of the computer was born in the seventies for technical design purposes. Only in the nineties, however, thanks to an increase of computing power of graphics processors and cards you start having some very interesting artistic results which then flourish since 2000.

The use of more and more detailed textures and the ability to use complex models allows artists to express themselves in new ways, such as moving away from the aim of the photo-realism.

In this scenario arises a form of abstraction that is expressed in 3D graphics and still finds many extraordinary interpreters. The current trend perhaps follows the theme of still life: a solid geometric composed of various materials are flanked by organic forms, with a result that creates a space between the real and the possible.



Mike Winkelmann AKA Beeple  is one of the most gifted and prolific artists. Every day produces a picture and uses Cinema 4D software for him three-dimensional creations.



The peculiarity of the work of Filip Hodas lies in blending of fantasy and reality elements. In his works we find strange shapes in natural landscapes or, as in the second work presented here, a natural landscape shaped in a particular form.




It seems the subject of a dream: the work of Stig Fostervold.


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